Welcome to my website -  my name is Helen and  I've been trained by the world's leading image consultancy, Colour me Beautiful.   At my New Forest studio I can help you to:

  • Be sure about which colours perfectly complement your own colouring
  • Understand your “style personality”, body shape and proportions
  • Learn how to use make up that is specifically chosen for your colouring          

THEN you will be able to: 

  • Feel confident about what to look out for when you go clothes shopping   
  • Find ways to make your existing wardrobe work for you
  • Make the most of what you've got!

"I cannot thank Helen enough for two amazing sessions - both held in a wonderfully relaxed environment where I felt comfortable and special.  Afterwards, Helen, you will be pleased to know that I shopped with a purpose - didn't need to look at most of the clothes as they either weren't my colour or style.  This gave me so much more confidence when shopping.  Every item I came home with I totally love - I don't need to take anything back!  Today I did as you suggested and went through my existing wardrobe - I can see at a glance what goes together and I cannot tell you how chuffed I feel with the new me!  Thank you so much - you have given me a new-found confidence and excitement in myself."
 Sue Ingram, Fawley.

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